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My name is Abbie. I'm 16 years old and live in the UK. My boyfriend is amazing and I love him, 2.2.13-forever :) I guess that I am a multi-fandom blog, however I predominantly post Thor or The Avengers- but Marvel as a whole. I decided not to dedicate my URL to any specific character or film, because I change my mind too much. Don't be mislead by titles- they will lead you astray. If you look hard enough, you'll see everything and everyone's true self.

Loki is such a cool kid.


My decision is fully taken, I’m turning my blog into a study/motivation one.
I’m in my third uni year and this is quite an important one.
So I want to stay motivated :)

If you have a studyspo blog, can you like/reblog this ? I’d like to follow more person


Hey everyone! I’m a fairly new studyblr and i really need more blogs to follow. i’m having trouble finding y’all so if you are an appblr, smartblr, studyblr, ect it would be lovely if you could reblog this so i can follow you :3


saw this on facebook


and this was kinda me:


coz guys in uniforms are always the best